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Why Platinum Travel ?

We pride ourselves on our friendly service and attention to detail and ensure that each client receives excellent customer service before, throughout and after the organisation of their travel arrangements.

We are an Independent Travel Agent; we are not affiliated to any operator or supplier. Therefore we offer our clients all the options available to their chosen destination along with unbiased travel advice.

We have a very good knowledge of the corporate clients needs. We understand that travel arrangements may need to altered at the last minute and we can adapt quickly to facilitate these changes, whether they relate to flights, accommodation or other travel arrangements. To facilitate this we work very flexible hours and also provide a 24 hour emergency number.

On the leisure side, we provide all the normal Travel Agent services including sun holidays, fly-drives, cruises, ski holidays, car-hire, city breaks, round the world trips, tailor-made holidays etc.

We are confident that our business philosophy of "Client First" and "Platinum Service" will appeal to, and be of benefit to you in the management of your travel requirements.

What can Platinum Travel do for your business?

  • Help Manage your travel expenses overhead
  • Reduce your administration workload and costs through single billing
  • Provide management with summary (and detailed back-up) monthly cost analysis
  • Streamline travel and accommodation booking procedures through outsourced booking
  • Provide an efficient quality service in all areas of your travel management

Intangible Savings

  • Saving of staff time through outsourcing of booking procedures (Both in office and in field)
  • Increased Control over expenditure
  • Saving of accounts staff time through less paperwork – Single fortnightly / weekly billing
  • Employee Traceability / Tracking
  • Reporting Statistics per client, staff member, office, travel type etc
  • Improved Data for Budgeting
  • We understand the Corporate Clients needs and work flexible hours to facilitate alteration of travel plans.
  • 24 Hour emergency number

Tailormade Reporting and Accounts

  • Tailormade Expense Reporting - Our simple excel based financial reporting will allow you to track expenses easily and apply them to your financial statements, turning company expenses into company savings.
  • Our bespoke reporting is designed for your requirements. This allows us to create CSV files for integration with your accounting software, therefore reducing administration time. Full back-up documentation is of course provided.
  • Our approach to customized travel management ensures that your travelers are always in compliance with your Travel Policy, through predetermined authorisation levels or sign-off, if required.

"If you think Travel think Platinum Travel - Your Continental Concierge" We look forward to hearing from you!

We have just given a brief glimpse of what we can offer for you, the Corporate Client, for more information please call now on +353-1- 853 5000, email info@platinumtravel.ie, send us a quick message - we will be delighted to help you, its all part of the Platinum Service!

More Resons why should you use a Travel Agent

  • We have access to negotiated wholesale rates with airlines worldwide and these rates are not generally on the internet
  • We have expert knowledge of all airlines on all routes so we will constantly compare airlines with each other to get the best offer. Same applies to hotel rates around the world – more often than not our contracted hotel suppliers are cheaper than booking with each hotel directly. We know what hotels are in the best location and at the best price for each booking requirement.
  • Internet fees for credit cards/date changes/name changes/route changes fees can be quite substantial, we understand how these operate and achieve savings for the client.
  • We are familiar with the myriad of confusing check-in, baggage, seat and priority boarding charges and we know how to exploit these to your advantage.
  • Many of our airline fares are refundable whereas internet fares are generally non-refundable.
  • As we have access to all the airfares via one reservations system, your staff won't have to spend time visiting dozens of websites for fare comparisons.
  • Staff by human nature will choose the flight that suits them, not the company budget.
  • By using Platinum Travel, we will save you a huge amount of administration time and labour throughout the booking process.
  • Platinum Travel are a fully licensed and bonded travel agent so you have a lot more protection with us than with the internet (airlines are not bonded).
  • We provide a 24 hour emergency number 7 days a week, 365 days a year – Particularly useful with recent events such as "The Volcano" and the collapse of 1800 hotels. We get you home!
  • As a travel agent, we are your advocate. When things go wrong, we are on your side, not theirs!

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